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Hephestos is an evolution of the Prusa i3, the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap community.



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Hephestos is an evolution of the Prusa i3, the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap community. It incorporates significant improvements and a more practical and intuitive DIY (Do it yourself) assembly kit. The Hephestos lets you breathe life into your projects: designs, prototypes, figures, accessories, models… Your imagination sets the limit!


A complete, step by step assembly kit.

Our aim with this version was to make the assembly process easy and convenient. To do this, we have simplified the steps and included a more visual guide. We have also conveniently distributed the kit parts into two trays with reference numbers to facilitate part recognition thereby helping you follow the steps.


Convenient, easy and reliable printing.

The Hephestos's primary advantage is the openable cable chains that afford easy cable insertion. These allow the cables to be conveniently stowed to the rear of the printer and above the extruder, where they do not interfere with movement.

These details, together with the knurled knobs that facilitate the levelling of the bed, notably improve user experience. Superior quality toothed-pulleys with bearings constitute another significant improvement and require less assembly time.


100% BQ electronics.

All the components that compose the Hephestos's main electronics are integrated into just one board: Zum Mega 3D. Developed by our hardware team, it has new functionality, improved heat dissipation and optimised motor control. In addition, it has a Micro USB connection and a direct connection to the power supply.


Share, improve, evolve.

Our knowledge and work in BQ contributes to Technological World Heritage: we want people to use, nurture and re-share it with the community. To this end, Hephestos is made from 100% open source hardware which you may modify and evolve as desired. We continue to believe in the growing RepRap community, we share our breakthroughs and place no limits on knowledge. All improvements made to this printer are open.

Hephestos 2

Printing speed

Maximum: up to 80-100 mm/s*

Recommended: 40-60 mm/s

Operating conditions

Optimum operating temperature range 15 ºC to 25 ºC.


Maximum - 60 microns

High - 100 microns

Medium - 200 microns

Low - 300 microns


Product without PLA reel

(x)460 x (y)383 x (z)430 mm

Product with PLA reel:

(x)460 x (y)383 x (z)580 mm

Packaging box: (x)662 x (y)485 x (z)155 mm

Print volume: (x)215 x (y)210 x (z)180 mm


Filaments of 1.75 mm diameter: PLA, wood, bronze, copper and Filaflex

General Mechanics

Powder-coated steel base and frame

Hard chrome bars for the X, Y and Z axis

LM8UU linear ball bearing on X, Y, Z

Toothed pulleys with axial bearings for the X, Y pulleys

Cable chain

Flexible couplings for the screwed rods of the Z axis

Glass cold bed (220 x 220 mm)

4-point print bed levelling system with shock absorber

Quick-change clip system for the print bed

Knurled knobs facilitate bed levelling

Extruder Mechanics

Own design extruder

0.4 mm nozzle for 1.75 mm filament

Heat sink with axial fan controlled by firmware

Printed cooling blower


In-house designed BQ Zum Mega 3D controller

Menu navigation via LCD display with a rotary encoder push

Power supply 12 V 100 W

Extruder has a 100k thermistor

Heat cartridge 12 V 40 W


Marlin-derived firmware designed by BQ

Accepted files: .gcode

Recommended environments: Cura Software, slic3r

Accepted files Compatible OS: Windows XP or later, Linux and Mac OS X or later


Standard SD card reader

Micro-USB type B port


Extruder is fitted with an In-house designed protector

Box contents

Assembly guide

Warranty and important information

Structural elements


Product plus box - ~16 kg


Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


apr 19, 2017

Ottima stampante in kit

Assemblaggio semplice, ottima qualità di stampa nonostante il basso costo

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