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Ultimaker 3

Professional 3D printing made accessibleThe Ultimaker 3 is the most reliable dual extrusion 3D printer available. Achieve complex designs and improved 3D print performance, thanks to its unique auto-nozzle lifting system, professional build and support material combinations, and swappable print cores.

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3D Printers
FormLabs Form 2

FORM 2the world’s best selling SLA 3D printer Includesthe Form 2 printer, Resin Tank and Wiper, Build Platform, Finish Kit, PreForm Software, and a 1 L Cartridge of Resin.The Form 2 comes with a one-year warranty

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3D Scanners
EinScan-Pro+ 3D Scanner

EinScan-Pro+ New-generation Handheld HD Scanning ModeSoftware Solid Edge ST10 Classic (12 months)INCLUDED

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Fabbrix PLA 750 gr

FABBRIX PLA Weight: 750 grDiameter: 1,75 mm - 2,85 mmAvailable in 20 colors.

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Ultimaker S5

Discover the easy-to-use desktop 3D printer with a large build volume that delivers accurate, industrial-grade parts.

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Raise3D Pro2 Plus

Raise3D Pro2 Plus Dual Extruder Stampante 3D di livello industriale per piccole produzioni seriali.Possibile integrazione in una print factory.

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Ultimaker Breakaway |...

Ultimaker Breakaway Ultimaker Breakaway is a support material for multi-extrusion 3D printing. Breakaway support is quick to remove and does not need further post-processing for a smooth finish on your 3D print.

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Print Core AA 0.25 (Build...

0.25 mm print core AAUltimaker 3 print core for build material Achieve extra fine detail with a swappable 0.25 mm print core AA when printing build materials including Nylon, PLA, CPE, ABS, and PP.

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